Atmo has made several successful videos for Lykke Li.
All of them directed by Tarik Saleh and produced by Kristina Åberg.

Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked. Starring Lykke Li and Matar Samba/“Näääk”

DIRECTOR Tarik Saleh PRODUCER Kristina Åberg EDITOR Theis Schmidt POST PRODUCTION Chimney. PRODUCTION MANAGER Khalil Al Harbiti. DOP Carl Nilsson. 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA Stickan Olsson 2nd ASSISTANT CAMERA Jonas Björne GAFFER Pontus Hellberg ASSISTANT ELECTRIC Karin Jacobson COSTUME DESIGNER Sofie Krunegård MAKE-UP ARTIST LYKKE LI Pari Damani MAKE-UP ARTIST NÄÄÄK + extras: Elin Bergström  PROP MASTER Stina Persson Helleday ASSISTANT PROPS Emma Dahl Madsen PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Saskia Lagerbielke PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Eleonor Bergström TECHNICIAN TRAINEE Isak Lännström DIT Abdi Abukar RUNNER: Fanny Ovesen.

The new teaser video for Lykke Li's upcoming album I Never Learn. Starring Fares Fares and recorded in Los Angeles in February 2014. As usual, Carl Nilsson was the director of photography.

Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone is the first video from Lykke Li's May 2014 album, I Never Learn.

With more than 35 million views on Youtube, the video for Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers is a major hit. The shooting took place on the shores of the island of Gotland.

Sadness is a blessing, featuring Lykke Li and Stellan Skarsgård.