Dansa i neon 2. The successful and awarded campaign Dansa i neon now has gotten its inevitable follow-up. The Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (Smittskyddsinstitutet) once again turned to Atmo.

The new campaign focuses on the lives of Nadine, Stephanie, Amelie and Neda. Dansa i Neon continues to ask questions that provoke a new standpoint on safe sex among young adults.


TITLE Dansa i neon 2. DIRECTOR Tarik Saleh. PRODUCER Kristina Åberg. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Carl Nilsson. FIRST ASSISTENT CAMERAMEN Stickan Ohlsson, Nea Asphäll, Björn Körling, Josephine Owe. CASTING/PRODUCTION MANAGER Jiasi Aspnäs Maciel. FAD Joanna Nordahl. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Abdi Abukar. SOUND Jonas Goldman, Mario Adamson. SOUND MIXER Andreas Franck. EDITOR Therese Elfström. GRADING Erik Fhölenhag. COMPOSER William Rickman. SINGER Sabina Ddumba. FEATURING Nadine Breidensjö, Neda Valadi, Stephanie Sahlén, Amelie Eklöf. ART DIRECTOR Emma Eriksson, Le Bureau. AGENCY Le Bureau. CLIENT Karin Rågsjö, Smittskyddsinstitutet

Dansa i neon. In four films you will meet Arash, Clarence, Rossi and Zacke talking very openly about sex. The films were developed after an initiative from the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control. The aim was to highlight the issue of condoms and safer sex.

UPDATE. Awards for Dansa i Neon.


TITLE Dansa i neon. DIRECTOR Tarik Saleh. PRODUCER Kristina Åberg. PRODUCTION MANAGER Max Andersson. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Fredrik Wenzel. FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN Ruben Broman. FAD Joanna Nordahl. SOUND Jonas Goldmann. CASTING Jiasi Aspnäs Maciel, Maria Ljuslin. COMPOSER William Rickman. SINGER Sabina Ddumba. EDITOR Therese Elfström. SOUND MIX Andreas Franck. GRADE Erik Fhölenhag. FEATURING Clarence Goyeram Bojang, Tim Zacharias Zachrisson, Johan Rossi, Arash Fahmi. ART DIRECTOR Emma Eriksson, Le Bureau. AGENCY Le Bureau. CLIENT Karin Rågsjö, Smittskyddsinstitutet.