TOMMY. Atmo's latest release is a Stockholm underworld thriller by Tarik Saleh. Nationwide Swedish premiere on March 14, 2014.

SHE MONKEYS. Directed by Lisa Aschan. Winner of the Guldbagge Award for Best Movie.

SEAT 26D. An animated short from director Karolina Brobäck.

THE WILD ONES. Birgitta Stenberg's journey back to the wild bohemian years. 

DANSA I NEON. Young people talk safer sex in these awarded videos.

SIX BIG FISH. Stefan Constantinescu's short shows how different we can approach art, life and authorship.

REGRETTERS by Marcus Lindeen has been named the best documentary production in Europe at Prix Europa.

FAMILY DINNER. A fascinating short by Stefan Constatinescu.

METROPIA. Tarik Saleh's mesmerizing animated dystopia.

VIDEOCRACY. Erik Gandini's acclaimed onslaught on the Berlusconi media regime.

GITMO. Tarik Saleh's and Erik Gandini's investigative documentary about Guantanamo.

THE VOICE. A trip down the associative alleys of editing star Johan Söderberg.

SACRIFICIO. This documentary brings us closer to solving the mystery of "who betrayed Che Guevara?"